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  • Olfactive Logo : Skin, Olfaction, Fragrances, Umami, Olfactive Logo will be showcased during Paris Olfaction & Is
    Targeting Mitochondria 2010 will highlight many potential strategies to prevent and treat Skin-ageing and other diseases. The role of Mitochondria in photoageing of human skin: the defective powerhouse model and how Optimizing Mitochondrial Function as a target for anti-aging skin care will be largely discussed.   …The future of med
  • Olfactive Logo : Olfaction & Issues Paris Conference/Programme/Umami/Olfactive Logo/Pheromones
    Press Release Paris, Maison de la Recherche - September 2010   1st World Congress on Olfaction & Issues:   Modulation of Physiological Responses   Applications in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Cosmetic Industries   Latest Advances, Future Prospects & Directions     Paris – Maison de la Rercherche, France November